Let the memory of your loved ones lasts forever

The technology that makes a grave of the XXI century. Create a virtual plate tomb profile on which you can share all of the best moments to be remembered forever and recalled each time you visit the grave.


Create your loved one a great memorial.
All the best memories in one place.


A death is natural and we can't avoid it. Each of us lost someone who loved so much.
Those who passed would like to be kept in our hearts forever.
Create them a great memorial with the best moments in their life.
Each time you visit a grave the app would pop up on your phone screen
and let you refresh your loved one memories.

New technology: Grave of the XXI century

iBeacon technology alows to tag your grave easily. Our beacons are designed to be water proof and have  up to one year battery life.
It is super easy to use. Just glue the Greyvi beacon to your grave install dedicated app on your smartphone and configure the profile.


Unique:  Greyvi iBeacon Standard

Buy a set of Greyvi IBeacon.

- fully water proof design

- long lasting battery life (up to 1 year)

- super easy to install

- Free dedicated App

Unique:  Greyvi iBeacon Solar+

Buy a set of Greyvi IBeacon.

- fully water proof design

- Solar Power (no need to charge)

- super easy to install

- Free dedicated App

Grave tag (Tomb plate) of the XXI

Good memories of your loved ones would last forever with Unique Greyvi App. Add photos, videos, facebook, youtube, twitter integration to the virtual tomb plate.

Backups forever

All your data is perectly secured and will last forever on our servers.

Grave Localization

Locate your graves using built-in app navigation          Now it is super easy!  Never get lost.

Family tree

Add your family members and create a unique family tree.

Low ibeacon battery allert

App notifies you when the  Greyvi iBeacon battery would be low.

Acces tomb plate from webbrowser

Acces your virtual tomb plate directly from web browser and make changes.

Order Local Grave wash service

Order and pay a local grave maintaince service directly from the Greyvi app.

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